Privacy Policy

Studio JAW’s servers are owned by Studio JAW. At Studio JAW our privacy policy is a very simple one. If you submit data to our servers either willingly or indirectly, the information will be used in any means by Studio JAW for internal Studio JAW purposes only. No information collected will ever be made public, not even to those it is collected from, unless there are mechanisms in put in place for accessing such information. The only individuals who can access data collected are the owners of Studio JAW. We do not accept any liability for information leaked through available mechanisms for accessing it.

Age of Use

The recommended age of use for our website, at the current moment, is Mature audiences.

Marketing via E-mail

We don’t do it. It’s just that simple, we do not do any kind of marketing e-mail. If you suspect you are receiving unsolicited e-mails from Studio JAW, it is more than likely a phishing attempt or scam. Please be advise, you should never receive e-mails from us, unless it pertains to administration of our services provided.


Cookies may be used on the site, not for collecting information, but for retaining log in information such as session ID’s.

Data Storage

Some of our sites may have local data storage on your machine. This is your data and only your data. This is not allowed to be used by other sites. We do not share or allow data from a specific site to be shared to others. We write and use this data to your machine for applications to operate.

Who we share your data with

No one.

How long we retain your data

This varies depending on the site and data. Login information persists indefinitely. However, if you edit and remove stuff from site profile(s), that is at your discretion. Any other kind of data is kept transactional. As in once we are done with it to complete a task, it’s deleted. We do not keep logs unless needed for security reasons.

What rights you have over your data

You have the right to request the deletion of all of your data; However, by doing so, we will no longer permit you to use our sites and services. You have the right to use any tool we have created for clearing out your profile(s) information.

Where your data is sent

All data, if collected, stays resident to Studio JAW servers.